About The Edinburgh Tree Map

The Edinburgh tree map started with a tweet. Inspired by these maps of London, Melbourne and particularly New York, the question was asked: "Can we do that for Edinburgh?".

A few emails and months later, Edinburgh Council had made all their tree data open and were happy for us to move forward. The project has been free-time fun for @ScienceAndMaps, @sing_louise and @MapNav_Tom. The council data was made open by @WeeBletherer and team at Edinburgh Council.

Since gently pushing out the beta version, enthusiasm for the project has surged! We now have data coming in from all sorts of sources across Edinburgh and meetings planned with various interested parties - the future is bright...

Current data providers & sources:

This map is built on a leaflet.js base, with the data coming via Carto and imported and styled with the Carto Maps API and carto-css. The data was cleaned and analysed in QGIS, and exported to Carto using the CartoDB QGIS plugin. If you want any more info on the technical side of things, hit up @ScienceAndMaps. The basic recipe and inspiration was gathered from Jill Hubley - check out her stuff!